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research + participation

research + participation

Checking 3D Reality

The way that we relate to objects in the 21st century

Your work can be part of Platform21 = Checking Reality. Create work using Google and put it in the virtual Platform21, or make tangible work at the real Platform21 and then scan it in. The contributions will be 3D-printed later.

Checking 3D Reality explores the potential of available technology to create objects on the computer and place them in the real world. By clicking on the above picture, you can download this Google Earth file. (Google Earth software can be downloaded free at

Explore the exhibition space, stroll through the Beatrixpark and visit As restaurant in this virtual version of Platform21. You’ll find the art works in the park here as well as visitors’ submissions!

Do It Yourself
How do you participate? Click on the picture below to download a 3D file of Platform21 in Google SketchUp. (This software can also be downloaded at Now you’re ready: adapt the space, use it as a gallery for your virtual sculptures or a wall for your virtual graffiti, or make changes with other materials or nature. Your imagination is the only limit.
You could also design your creation using another 3D program. Mail your work to , and he’ll put it in the Google Earth Platform21.

This version of Platform21 will ultimately be 3D-printed.

Sergio Davila is often working in Platform21 at this work in progress. Please feel free to participate! His most exciting findings will be reported here.

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