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  • concept car


    Surfing down the dunes

    Ehsan Moghaddampour designed Bugiman for a future in which driving is totally computer-controlled, leaving drivers merely bored…

  • past project

    Platform21 = Joyriding

    Dreaming of the car of the future

    Now that most vehicles have robust reliability, quality and performance, it is up to designers to dare to dream again and design the…

  • past project:Amsterdam, Platform21

    Platform21 = Hacking IKEA

    All IKEA hackers unite!

    Who wanted to know what else a LAMPAN could be besides a lamp or how the PRODUKT milk-frother could also be used for other purposes,…

  • academy

    AR+RFID Lab

    Augmented Reality

    The Augmented Reality (AR) headset allows us to see virtual images within our own view of the world. The headset is optically…

  • repair stations

    What can you repair at Platform21?

    We are constantly updating and improving the repair units in our exhibition space. Therefore feedback is very welcome. Below you…

  • past project

    Platform21 = Cooking and Constructing

    Turning edibles in constructables

    Picture the kitchen as a laboratory for building, gluing, stamping and designing. Ever heard of potato plastic? Tomato deodorant? Or…

  • past project

    Platform21 = Checking Reality

    A real show about the virtual

    Envision the world as a computer game in which your clothes are 3D projections and the GPS system tells you the position of an…

  • do it yourself

    3D Printing

    A 3D printer enables you to three-dimensionally print every design with just one click on the button. Whereas now this machine is…

  • material


    A new multifunctional repairing tool

    During our research for Platform21 = Repairing we came across a new product for fixing things called Sugru. Sugru is a durable,…

  • report

    Hacking Reality by Scott Burnham

    On how influences from the virtual world manifest themselves on the street.

    Here you read what writer and curator Scott Burnham presented during Club Real #2: his own take on the theme ‘Checking Reality’…

  • past project

    Platform21 = Repairing

    Stop recycling, start repairing!

    Platform21 = Repairing started with the idea that repair is underestimated as a creative, cultural and economic force. If we…