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  • IKEA hack


    Designer: Alan D. Joseph

    Alan D. Joseph searched for a basic IKEA shape that he could use in all sorts of ways. Just like IKEA does with LACK, a whole…

  • IKEA hack

    Flatpack re-arranged

    Designer: Kieren Jones

    Kieren Jones used IKEA’s best selling products, the POANG chair and BUMERANG clothes hangers, to create new products such as a…

  • IKEA hack

    IKEA Love Toy

    Designer: Mark Hoekstra

    IKEA is the perfect family shopping paradise, but as Mark Hoekstra strolled through his hometown IKEA, something bothered him.…

  • article

    Hack a Dutch Design

    Upgrade IKEA

    IKEA’s mission is to make design accessible and affordable for everyone. It’s a laudable goal, but it does lead to a certain…

  • past project

    Platform21 = Cooking and Constructing

    Turning edibles in constructables

    Picture the kitchen as a laboratory for building, gluing, stamping and designing. Ever heard of potato plastic? Tomato deodorant? Or…

  • for sale

    Hacking IKEA catalogue

    No longer available

    November 2008, Hacking IKEA travelled to Seoul in South Korea. There it was part of the Design MADE manifestation revolving around…

  • IKEA hack


    Designer: Sander van Bussel

    SOLO provides a glimpse into the private lives of omnipresent IKEA products. The hyper-impersonal IKEA bed becomes the place…

  • IKEA hack


    Designer: Eric Morel

    TRASIGT HJÄRTA (broken heart), the hack made by Eric Morel, is a rebellious vision of the state and the use of love in the…

  • IKEA hack


    Designer: Sander van Bussel

    GYNEA provides a glimpse into the private lives of omnipresent IKEA products. The hyper-impersonal IKEA chair becomes the place…

  • past project:Amsterdam, Platform21

    Platform21 = Hacking IKEA

    All IKEA hackers unite!

    Who wanted to know what else a LAMPAN could be besides a lamp or how the PRODUKT milk-frother could also be used for other purposes,…

  • custom cars

    The ultimate joyride...

    of 13 different designers

    A joyride is not just about getting from A to B. The ride itself has to pleasurable. Besides technique, atmosphere, form and…