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  • IKEA hack


    Designer: Alan D. Joseph

    Alan D. Joseph searched for a basic IKEA shape that he could use in all sorts of ways. Just like IKEA does with LACK, a whole…

  • past project:Amsterdam, Platform21

    Platform21 = Hacking IKEA

    All IKEA hackers unite!

    Who wanted to know what else a LAMPAN could be besides a lamp or how the PRODUKT milk-frother could also be used for other purposes,…

  • IKEA hack


    Designer: Sander van Bussel

    SOLO provides a glimpse into the private lives of omnipresent IKEA products. The hyper-impersonal IKEA bed becomes the place…

  • Hack-your-IKEA contest

    Spotlight on entries

    We have received nearly a hundred national and international entries to the contest. All from enthusiastic hackers that each in…

  • concept car

    Soap Box Racer

    Life size young boy's dream

    As its name implies, this car by Marijn van der Pol is partly inspired by a soapbox. It is the realisation of a young boy’s…

  • IKEA hack

    Flatpack re-arranged

    Designer: Kieren Jones

    Kieren Jones used IKEA’s best selling products, the POANG chair and BUMERANG clothes hangers, to create new products such as a…

  • IKEA hack


    Designer: Sander van Bussel

    GYNEA provides a glimpse into the private lives of omnipresent IKEA products. The hyper-impersonal IKEA chair becomes the place…

  • live hacking

    Beauty, Play and Protection

    What can YOU do with 100 IKEA Family umbrella's?

    Eric Von Robertson is one of the artists which Platform21 invited to make an IKEA hack. He made a mutifunctional object from IKEA…

  • IKEA hack

    IKEA Love Toy

    Designer: Mark Hoekstra

    IKEA is the perfect family shopping paradise, but as Mark Hoekstra strolled through his hometown IKEA, something bothered him.…

  • report

    Hacking Reality by Scott Burnham

    On how influences from the virtual world manifest themselves on the street.

    Here you read what writer and curator Scott Burnham presented during Club Real #2: his own take on the theme ‘Checking Reality’…

  • concept car


    Surfing down the dunes

    Ehsan Moghaddampour designed Bugiman for a future in which driving is totally computer-controlled, leaving drivers merely bored…