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PIPS:lab (photography by Szilvia Tóth)


Who has seen all of his or her own head? Each of us knows our own head mainly from one perspective: straight on. Our face. The ‘face’ of the world, conversely, we know primarily from a flat representation: the world map. In Alominom, PIPS:lab (here, Keez Duyves with Szilvia Tóth) have flattened a head and seamlessly connected it to the view of the surroundings from that head’s perspective. They have put this ‘map’ into circular form, applying the principle of the Moebius strip: an endless journey from inside to outside to inside to....

Alominom translates Keez Duyves’ memory of his father into a spatial installation about looking inward versus looking outward.

The installation consists of a Moebius strip on which is depicted a flattened 360-degree photograph of an old man and the setting around him. The position of the work invites you to stand in the middle and effectively place yourself in the presented point of view. The work shows the whole surface of a head and places it in a 360-degree panoramic perspective, seamlessly connected to the surrounding view. It spurs you to think about the place you occupy as a human being in your own world and how your view of that world and its view of you influence each other: omni-reflection.

PIPS:lab creates new forms of art from interdisciplinary combinations. The final product can take many different forms. It might be a concert or performance, an interactive installation, or something totally different, like the sculpture now at Platform21.

The creative potential in media is vast. It is important to know and investigate the possibilities in order to get a grasp on the value of truth and reality. PIPS:lab shows ‘honest visuals’: that is, the viewer sees and understands what has been filmed or photographed. This honest material is manipulated, but in such a way that human intervention is always visible.

PIPS:lab was founded in 1999 by fine artist and inventor Keez Duyves, photographer Remco Vermeer, and theatre artist Mathijs de Wit. PIPS:lab currently consists of six people: Keez Duyves, Mathijs de Wit, musician Stije Hallema, DJ/producer Steven van Hulle, cameraman Bas Vos, and composer Daan van West.