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A new multifunctional repairing tool

During our research for Platform21 = Repairing we came across a new product for fixing things called Sugru. Sugru is a durable, mouldable silicone rubber that can be used for repairing different kinds of objects but for surfaces as well.
We had a conversation with the inventor of Sugru, Jane ni Dhulchaoingtigh about the story and future of Sugru.

"Originally I worked as a sculptor in Ireland but moved to London to study product design at the RCA London in 2002. When I was there I quickly realised that I did not want to design new things - I love old things, things with stories and scars and a history.

At the same time I was exploring materials to find new visual languages. These two ideas came together in the idea for Sugru: a new tool that people use freely to repair, adapt, hack and customise. The colours and tactile quality of the material mean that they are proud of their repairs - they celebrate them rather than hide them. My dream is for this to grow into a mainstream attitude that can offer a practical alternative to the throwaway mindset.

Since the beginning, five years ago, I have built a business by collaborating with a number of scientists and business partners. We have developed and patented a new class of silicone materials, which you can mould by hand, stick to things and which cure at room temperature.

Right now we are building a small production line at our unit in east London and we will start selling online in Autumn of this year.
To be continued..."

Last August Jane ni Dhulchaoingtigh organized a repairing and customising event in Madrid. You can see some of the results here.

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