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on tour with Nissan:London, The Boiler House

on tour with Nissan:London, The Boiler House

Platform21 = Joyriding

in The Boiler House in London

At the invitation of Nissan, Platform21 is organising evening events in London, Paris and Berlin, where Nissan is celebrating its European launch of the new Cube model. A whirlwind of fashion and design events and parties will accompany this month-long launch. Designer Robert Stadler has curated the design programme, for which he invited Platform21 as well as Jerszey Seymour, Random-International and Olivier Vadrot to organise an evening event. Colette, the Paris based department store, has curated a special Cube store.
On this special occasion, Platform21 = Joyriding will make a comeback.

Take a road trip into your imagination with Platform21 = Joyriding. Not a car show but an aesthetic joyride, it’s about form and feeling rather than engineering. Tonight, we challenge you to create your own personal candy car. Will you show us a future of softer, rounder shapes in which cars function as personal bubbles where you can find peace of mind? Or is it not meditation but adrenaline you’re after?

Take a radio-controlled car, feel free to explore and experiment, and let VJ Hummer inspire you. Let us know when your design is finished, and race it on the track to see if you can qualify with the best time. You could win our Joyriding Cup!

VJ Hummer will provide racers with inspirational visuals.