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on tour with Nissan:Paris, Loft, Impasse du Lavoir

on tour with Nissan:Paris, Loft, Impasse du Lavoir

Platform21 = Repairing

on Rue René Boulanger in Paris

  • 4 Dec 09...4 Dec 09
    19 00...23 00 Loft, Impasse du Lavoir 7c Impasse du Lavoir, 70 Rue René Boulanger 75010 Paris View on map 7c Impasse du Lavoir 70 Rue René Boulanger 75010 Paris

At the invitation of Nissan, Platform21 is organising evening events in London, Paris and Berlin, where Nissan is celebrating its European launch of the new Cube model. A whirlwind of fashion and design events and parties will accompany this month-long launch. Designer Robert Stadler has curated the design programme, for which he invited Platform21 as well as Jerszey Seymour, Random-International and Olivier Vadrot to organise an evening event. Colette, the Paris based department store, has curated a special Cube store.

For this particular evening event we will enforce the Repair Manifesto with a Trash to Treasure Chair Auction.
Repairing means taking the opportunity to give products a second life. A more interesting life, that is. Every time we repair something, we add to its potential, its history, its soul and its inherent beauty.

Tonight, we invite you to discover the beauty of repair by choosing a broken chair and fixing it with tape. Use your imagination and let the Repair Manifesto and the pictures inspire you. You will soon find that repairing is a creative challenge.

At the end, you will have turned trash into treasure and made something unique. But is your chair desirable as well? Find out by letting our auctioneer, Nicolas Ullman, auction it off. You might even earn some money – because you get to keep any profit.