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special effects

special effects


by Dajo Bodisco

A poster in an illuminated frame: a clear image and readable text. Then the colour of the light changes. All of a sudden the design of the poster has transformed. This piece consists of layers with a secret language.

Lumic is a project of Dajo Bodisco, resulting from a research into a way in which to translate the rhythmic quality of music into a graphic image. The result is a poster, a combination of (RGB) L.E.D. in an illuminated frame and transparent prints.
When the light changes colour the colours of the transparent print change with it. This changes what you see and what you read. A thrilling visual effect is created by an alternation of rhythm, the ‘fade’ time and intensity. The system lends itself for much more purposes than just a poster. Different applicable possibilities are still researched. In Platform21 you test this effect yourself.

Music, film, photography, motion-graphics, typography and combinations hereof – there is little that doesn’t interest Dajo Bodisco. Adventure is his motive and together with specialists from other disciplines he searches for new forms of beauty, thrill and fun. His belief in bringing different art forms together also shows in his own background: after the Vocational School for Fashion Bodisco studied at the Design Academy in Eindhoven.