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Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM)

Department of Hybrid Space Jam Session

The Department of Hybrid Space focuses on the study of the transformation of physical space in the information age. Students present works exploring the dynamic interaction between architecture/the city and the space of mass media and communication networks during Club Real#3.

Cloak: Flux Aeterna, Carsten Goertz
LOFAR is the most powerful radio telescope in the world. It records information from the universe in the form of radio waves that have been travelling for billions of years and can tell us about the state of the universe ten billion years ago. Flux Aeterna is an experimental design project based on these observations. Sculptures are generated by algorithms that are in turn generated by the recorded information. Flux Aeterna raises questions about the scientific perception of nature in a macroscopic dimension, in a border area where oscillation between imagination and knowledge results in a creative construction.

Cloak: ReFields, David Hahlbrock
Hahlbrock has developed a poetic installation for LOFAR. By linking inaudible radio waves to audio signals, he allows us to hear the ancient waves drifting down all around us.

CONNECT, Andreas Muxel
The kinetic sculpture CONNECT consists of 13 automatically moving steel balls connected to a matrix. The elements are connected and uncoupled in a dynamic process. The sculpture determines its own movement patterns and structures, which are also heavily dependent on the state of its surroundings. CONNECT’s behavior is complex and unpredictable for the viewer, though its structure and rules for movement are very simple.

without title, Nicolas Rivet
Can spirits live in modern architecture? Where do ghosts hide when there is no cellar or attic? Where can they disappear to now that the thick castle walls of the past have been replaced by thin partitions of plaster and glass?

Meter Crawler, Keiko Takahashi
What if everyday objects lived and moved like insects? An ordinary metal ruler crawls slowly, like a snail. Ten or 20 meter crawlers move around, each making its own sound. Together, they form a swarmlike chorus.