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Sleepless nights in the Beatrixpark

Share your memories

During Platoform21 = Checking Reality it is possible to give memories, observations and remarks connected to the nearby Beatrix park a real place inside the park.

If you use Flickr, Youtube and Myspace for uploading and disseminating photos and films it is no secret that you can make your files more visible, easier to find and connectable to others by the use of tags. Tags describe what your file is about, but you can also add more subjective words describing a sentiment or memory.
A similar principle is now available for the Beatrix park. Frequent users of the park undoubtedly have some special memories connected to being in the park: a first kiss, a sleepless night, a secret rendez-vous. For other regulars in the park there is no way to know about these memories. With the small signs now available at Platform21 for a limited time it is possible. Just write a tag on the sign and place it in the right location. Also there are 5 installations in the park as part of Platform21 = Checking Reality. Please feel free to react on those as well.