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do it yourself

do it yourself

3D Printing

A 3D printer enables you to three-dimensionally print every design with just one click on the button. Whereas now this machine is mainly used by professional designers, model builders, instrument makers and architects, in the future it will be available to us all. Expectations are for 3D print shops to become the copy shops of tomorrow.
What this means and what it could do for you? During Platform21 = Checking Reality visitors could test this for free at Platform21.

  • 3d Baby

    3d Baby -

    And the result, a scaled 3D Printout of the ceramic figure.

  • baby Scan

    baby Scan -

    Scanning a ceramic figure...

Designer Sergio Davila worked in Platform21 scanning visitors and the models they made out of clay. Using special 3D software he also made the artworks in the Beatrixpark and even the building of Platform21 virtual and placed them in Google Earth. Afterwards he was ready to bring it all back from the virtual world into the real world - using the Somatech 3D printer.

This 3D printer makes objects in an ABS plastic, which means that the objects we print can be used immediately. Even when they are mechanical parts like gears, springs and clips.

Sergio guided visitors through the process, so you were able to create your own 3D print. What you wanted to make was up to you, as long as the object was relatively small. You could take an existing product, scan it and print it in 3D so you got a copy or you could design something on the computer and print out your own design!

Making a 3D print was free of charge, with thanks to Somatech. They had installed one of their top three dimension printers 'The Elite'.

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  • Stefan's Scan

    Stefan's Scan -

    Here we are scanning Stefan's head.

  • Stefan's Animation

    Stefan's Animation -

    Afterwards we fixed some details in the 3d Model so that we can print it out.

  • Stefan's Printout

    Stefan's Printout -

    Finally Stefan was able to see himself in a ABS plastic model.

  • 3d Printing Machine

    3d Printing Machine -

    3D printer at work

  • -

    A cup designed by a Rietveld student and printed at Platform21.