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Hack-your-IKEA contest

Hack-your-IKEA contest

Spotlight on entries

We have received nearly a hundred national and international entries to the contest. All from enthusiastic hackers that each in their own way changed an IKEA product.

The jury picked ten favourites from which the two (!!) winners were chosen. Here you see which eight entries were nominated as well.
Then, because sometimes images speak for themselves, an overview of the entries in photos.


‘Our BIGGEST idea is the smallest price’ by Laurens Manders:

"While flipping through my brand new IKEA bible two things stand out: the boldly printed prices and slogans like ‘HEDDA – Think graphic’ and ‘Our BIGGEST idea is the smallest price’.

This gives me the idea to look differently at the catalogue. Suddenly I don’t think the graphic element are annoying and way to big anymore, but I see a new dimension emerging.
The loud slogans, weird names and BIG small prices now all belong to this new ‘reality’.

Something that literally happens in my hack, where GULLIVER and its price – €9,99 – melt together, but... not everything is what is seems. Only from one specific perspective – seen from the BEKVÄM steps – price and product are united. But when GULLIVER is seen from any other point, only a fragmented graphic pattern remains.”

IKEAtjas by Sylvia Fennis

IKEAtjas - Sylvia FennisIKEAtjas - Sylvia Fennis

The IKEAtjas is rainproof and very simple to make from two IKEA bags. Sylvia Fennis: “When I wear this jacket, smiles appear on people’s faces. I have been wearing it for years and it only cost €1,- to make!”

What you need: 2 IKEA bags of €0,50 each and a pattern of a sleeve. Furthermore scissors, needle and thread or a sewing machine. Undo the back seam of the bag (where the barcode is placed) and the connecting seams towards the sides. This is the bottom of the jacket. Now undo the two side seams from the top to just above the middle. Put your arms through the holes and close the press button. Voila! You have a body warmer.

From the second bag you cut the sleeves and attach them to the body warmer. You sew the press button from this bag 8 cm under the handle. The jacket can now be totally closed.
The jacket can easily be decorated by sewing the handles of the second bag in the side seams of the jacket as straps. In this way the handles can be worn to the back, which makes the jacket slightly tailored. Sewing in a straight back piece gives the coat the same length all the way around. The jacket is wind and waterproof and is therefore very handy in spring and autumn.

The width of the jacket is determined by the size of the bag. Therefore it runs up to a women’s size 42.

Hangchair by Studio Niels & Sven

Hangchair - Studio Niels & SvenHangchair - Studio Niels & Sven

The Hangchair gets an extra function by a simple intervention. A clothing hanger is attached to the top of the bars of the back support of the OLLE. Your clothes will hang nicely from this chair. Also, if your house gets too small during a wild party, you hang the Hangchair on your coat rack.

Bedchair by Boris Wiasmitinow

Bedchair - Boris WiasmitinowBedchair - Boris Wiasmitinow

LACK + LACK = LACK van Kevin Koekkoek

Finally the LACK can be legally used as a chair after years of sitting on this side table at house parties.

PAX AETERNUS by Peter Schippers

PAX AEternus 1 - Peter SchippersPAX AEternus 1 - Peter Schippers
PAX AEternus 2 - Peter SchippersPAX AEternus 2 - Peter Schippers
PAX AEternus 3 - Peter SchippersPAX AEternus 3 - Peter Schippers

The PAX AETERNUS is the happy medium between an expensive oak coffin and a cardboard box. Anyone can put his or her own design together as a flatpack. It makes death easier to talk and think about for consumers.

The possibilities:
- size (height and depth)
- style (birch, beech, veneer)
- top
- handles and knobs (metal, wood)
- lining (various IKEA fabrics and pillows)

Design your own death!

LAMPA LAMPA by Henk de Vroom

LAMPA LAMPA - Henk de VroomLAMPA LAMPA - Henk de Vroom

The LAMPA LAMPA consists of 2 IKEA strainers (tranparent, red or white) and a HEMMA wire (red).
Added: a plug and a switch.
Drill a round hole with a 40 mm diameter in both strainers for the light socket. Attach the switch and the plug and the LAMPA LAMPA is finished!
The LAMPA LAMPA can look different eah time as the strainers can be turned or switched from back to front.



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