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IKEA hack

IKEA hack


Designers: DAREDO

One of the contest's entries got our special attention. The guys from design collective DAREDO went to IKEA in their sports outfits and started their regular workouts in IKEA instead of an overpriced gym! In a film (scroll down) they show with great enthusiasm what kind of exercises you can do while shopping. And for those who like to do their IKEA fitness in the privacy of their own homes DAREDO created some easy to do IKEA product hacks.
A very original IKEA hack that seriously looks at IKEA as a form of leisure. We are fans!

Alexandre Zuntini of DAREDO: "After we decided to take part in the competition we drove to the nearest IKEA store and started to play with everything we could put our hands on.

We spent a couple of hours there and had great fun turning the whole place upside down. At one point, we stopped for coffee and realised that more than focusing on one single object, what we really wanted was to talk about the whole experience of going to shop at IKEA. We had to hack the store, not only its products.

When we thought of how we would do that we came up with the idea of going there for quite a different purpose than shopping...

'Parcours VIKEA' is a short movie about an imaginary fitness service offered by IKEA. The 'collection' consists of ten objects (furniture and accessories) specially intended for home fitness and grouped under a new brand called 'Domestic Sport'. All objects exist as prototypes."