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IKEA hack

IKEA hack


Designer: Daan van den Berg

“From an unknown location, I break into IKEA’s
computer server. In this nerve centre, the CAD files for
every IKEA product are stored and are downloaded
worldwide. By infecting the CAD files with the
‘Elephantiasis virus’ I have just designed, I can hack the
entire range of products. The virus causes random
deformities, like lumps, cracks and humps, which only
show up when the customer prints his product at home
with his 3D printer.”

The MERRICK originated during a fantasy about the
development described above. The MERRICK is a digital
file infected with the human 'Elephantiasis virus’ and then converted into tangible products using a 3D printer. Every lamp that is printed will therefore be different.

Three-dimensional printing at home might sound like
science fiction. But according to the employees at the TNO research institute, who study it on a daily basis, it
is far from unthinkable. Consumer 3D printing is still in
its infancy, but it is expected to touch off a new revolution.

IKEA ingredients: