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past forum:Amsterdam, Platform21

past forum:Amsterdam, Platform21

The future of the car

Future scenarios for our driving experience

  • 16 Jan 08
    20 00...23 00 Platform21 Prinses Irenestraat 19, 1077 WT Amsterdam View on map Prinses Irenestraat 19 1077 WT Amsterdam T +31203449444

During presentations and a discussion, specialists took a deeper look at what the future may bring us. What future scenarios concerning driving experience do they foresee? Each speaker had his particular specialization, but they all have one thing in common: a shared passion for the future, cars and driving them.


Satish Kumar Beella, Ph.D researcher at the TU Delft
Beella spoke about the project Light Mobility, of which a book will be published by 010 Publishers in 2008.
Light Mobility presents a broad overview of considerations in urban mobility, ranging from energy and infrastructure, via mobility systems, all the way to new vehicles for small-scale transportation and promising bicycle derivatives.

Joseph Simpson, Researcher at Royal College of Art, London
Simpson gave us some interesting insights, stories and ideas resulting from his extensive research into the car in future cities. His theory: "For future cities to prosper, we need to continue to allow the usage of personal mobility (cars) in the city, but the difficulties they create are problematic. It is difficult to solve these problems through the design of the car alone, we need people across multiple sectors to work together."

Cynthia Hathaway, designer and educator
Hathaway holds a Master in Industrial Design and a specialization in experience design. And she can tell a thing or two about driving experience. She only just returned from a month-long road trip through the US. Together with her Dad, an old-timer fanatic, she joined a road trip consisting of 1920's cars, causing quite a stir on the modern motor ways. She captured the trip on film and will turn it into a documentary.