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De Tijdmeester

For watches and clocks

Name of repairperson: Joop Gerritsma

Joop Gerritsma: "I feel the request for repairs is slightly increasing. The number of people visiting my repair studio is rising steadily."

Good repair address, because:

"Studio De Tijdmeester in Amsterdam is run by Joop Gerritsma. Joop is one of the two teachers who rewrote the instruction manuals De Tijdmeester (The Time Master). These rare works can be consulted in the studio.
The studio also offers workbenches where hobbyists can work on their own clocks or watches under guidance of Joop."

Repair tip from: Henk Werner via
Also recommended by Het Parool.

Contact information / hard facts
Brouwersgracht 639
1015 GJ Amsterdam
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Mobile +31651647832