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TXT project

TXT project

Repairing with contrast

by Sarah Smit

My grandmother and I,

As a child I lived with my grandmother for four years. During this time she was a huge role model for me. Her ways of repairing and fixing objects seemed very normal to me, but growing up I start to see the uniqueness of it! She has a habit of repairing her things with very contrasting colours witch makes the hole or rip more visible. By accentuating it, it becomes a visible sign of caring.

Unconsciously I myself repair in a similar way. It is my way, but definitely related to her. I love combining contrasting colours and materials. During this project I documented her whole repaired world which was broader than I had expected. I translated that to my own project. I repaired five different panty hoses in contrasting colours and materials in a way in which I want to show my love for my favourite piece of clothing!