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on tour report

on tour report

Platform21 = City Hopping

Joyriding and Repairing in London, Paris and Berlin

Nissan celebrated the European launch of its new Cube model with a festive programme of design and fashion events. Platform21 was invited to be part of the celebratrations. For this special occassion Joyriding made a comeback and broken chairs got a more colourful lease on life during two Repairing evenings.

Joyriding has led to successful nights in London, Paris and Berlin. We challenged the nightlife crowd to build the car of their dreams; VJ Hummer provided visuals as inspiration. The audience used Styro foam and remote-controlled vehicles to make the coolest, fastest rides and then raced on the track to see who had the fastest time.

The Trash to Treasure Chair Auction brought the Repair Manifesto to Paris and Berlin nightlife. Broken chairs were given new lives after visitors taped them back together in wonderful ways. Auctioneer Nicolas Ullman made sure each one found a new home.

Below is a visual impression.

At the invitation of Nissan, Platform21 organised these events in London, Paris and Berlin, where Nissan celebrated its European launch of the new Cube model. A whirlwind of fashion and design events and parties accompanied this month-long launch. Designer Robert Stadler curated the design programme, for which he invited Platform21 as well as Jerszey Seymour, Random-International and Olivier Vadrot to organise an evening event. Colette, the Paris based department store, curated a special Cube store.

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