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past project

Travels Through Paradise

55 metres of track,
55 different visions of paradise,
1 model train,
and an infinite number of views out the window:

Platform21 presents Travels Through Paradise

What does paradise look like? In your own miniature world, it’s up to you. Platform21 asked train hobbyists, designers, artists, architects and students to collaboratively build a fantasy miniature landscape in its round exhibition hall. Each model builder was given a metre of track to shape as he or she saw fit.

Anna Maria Cornelia de GersemAnna Maria Cornelia de Gersem

In April and May 2007, Platform21 shined a spotlight on the passion and expertise of model-builders. The medium of miniatures is important to hobbyists as well as creative professionals: it’s a leisure activity, a presentational form, and a way to pre-test bigger projects. Model-building is a creative, imaginative process, but one whose popularity is steadily losing ground to the digital world, gaming, and prefab building products.

Building Travels Through ParadiseBuilding Travels Through Paradise

Platform21 received enthusiastic responses to its invitation from people in a wide range of disciplines. They exchanged all sorts of know-how in the workshops and building sessions, from tree-making methods to ways of reusing waste materials.

Kim AdamsKim Adams

The Toronto visual artist Kim Adams – known for his large-scale and miniature landscapes and architectural sculptures created from ready-made DIY and hobby products – was our special guest builder.
Guest curator Cynthia Hathaway recorded the visions and conversations of the participants. An attempt to render the closed world of model-building visible and to capture its inspiring qualities.

Building Travels Through ParadiseBuilding Travels Through Paradise

Building Travels Through ParadiseBuilding Travels Through Paradise

Travels Through Paradise offered visitors a cinematic trip through the 55-metre fantasy landscape. The train carried a camera which filmed the scenery rolling by out the window. This view was projected at life size on Platform21’s walls, taking you on a ride through paradise... Was it fantasy or reality? Scriptwriter Lineke van den Boezem wrote an account of the journey for you.

Mia LerssiMia Lerssi

Here you find the meters of paradise by the participants.

Travels Through Paradise vond plaats van 21 April - 27 May 2007.

  • contributions

    55 Meter of Paradise

    A utopistic train journey made by designers, train hobbyists, artists, architects and students.

  • vision

    Constructions of Leisure

    Guest curator Cynthia Hathaway's vision on Travels Through Paradise

    I’ve been asked many times throughout this wonderful affair with Platform 21 how my interest in miniature arose, and I have…