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Nathalie Bruys

Sound artist Nathalie Bruys will DJ at Club Real #3.

Earthly Whispers: an underground sound piece made up of barely traceable, hidden sounds that are close to reality but don’t seem to be quite real: it’s surprising and confusing. Where is it coming from? A vague feeling in your bones pulls you onto the grass. How is this possible? What’s going on here?

We are growing further and further away from nature and more and more under the influence of modern urban life. The question is whether the city ultimately has more to offer than nature. Nathalie Bruys seeks to make us think about this question with her work Earthly Whispers. Fascinated by nature’s peace, quiet and power, she takes it as a model for daily life. In the constructed nature of the Beatrixpark, which temporarily allows city people feel closer to nature, she places sounds she has found in the park itself along with inaudible frequencies, which we can see and feel but not hear. A good example is the 7.83 Hz Schumann frequency.

The earth’s natural magnetic field vibrates at 7.83 Hz, also known as the Schumann resonance. Our basic resonance is also 7.83 Hz. The earth controls our bodies, as it were.

Sounds from modern life and sounds caused by people are also part of Earthly Whispers. Nature and culture are thus brought together. In this way, Bruys hopes to influence the visitor’s view of ‘future reality’ in a positive way.

Nathalie Bruys explores the potential of sound as a fine-art medium. She believes in the power of sound that detaches the listener completely from a given time and place and takes him or her to a world that is infinite and free of resistance. But this musical experience should not be a passive occurrence, and so Bruys mixes analog and digital sounds to make new sounds. Everything is fair game: near-antique computers; old music boxes; modern computer programs and samplers; inaudible sounds; things that go wrong or that she does not understand; texts she misreads or mispronounces, causing strange sounds. Errors, scratches and noise: they are the imperfections that keep us alert.

It is an investigative, direct and intuitive way of working.

Nathalie Bruys makes sound art, music, radio, performances, installations, videos, records and CDs. She won the Charlotte Kohler prize in 2004 and the Volkskrant fine art prize in 2006.