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VJ Hummer aka Nils Mühlenbruch

Live avatar drawing - performances

What does the virtual you look like? Do you have an avatar of yourself? Audiovisual artist and VJ Nils Mühlenbruch made virtual portraits at Platform21.

Did you already have your avatar drawn and would you like to have it? Find it here.

Using photographs he takes, Mühlenbruch will look for striking characteristics; these will determine the character of your avatar. The images will be live-animated and projected onto the chapel walls. Before you know it, you’ll be part of the setting, present in real life as well as virtually.

An avatar is usually used to represent a person using a computer. It can be a small picture or a sort of ID photo on a forum or chat sites or a 3D person you can style and dress however you like on 3D platforms like Second Life.