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Gijs Bakker


Copy/paste, delete, zoom, print: these actions are part of using a computer, but we might not be so quick to associate them with the craft of making valuable jewellery.

Gijs Bakker’s jewellery pieces look classic at first glance, but they would be inconceivable without a clear understanding of the formal possibilities and theoretical scope of the contemporary designer’s digital arsenal.

On closer look, we see that each piece plays games with concepts like copying, elasticity, originality, value and craft. This redefinition of the concept of value and the liberation of the language of the computer from its natural virtual setting is precisely what makes Gijs Bakker’s work so intriguing. In the presentation of Platform21 = Checking Reality we have one of the brooches on show from the Real? collection. All the others can be seen in Galerie Ra in Amsterdam.