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We love duct tape!

and so does Rachel Griffin

Duct tape first came out in green during WWII, and was given the name Duck Tape because of its waterproof qualities. Soldiers used it not only for its initial purpose of keeping moisture out of the ammunition case, but also to fix guns, jeeps, parts of aircrafts or ripped uniforms. After WWII the tape was used for connecting heating and air-conditioning ductwork, hence the name Duct Tape and its silver colour. Today Duct Tape is not primarily used for ductwork, but as a versatile tool for repair and creation!

And that is also how Rachel Griffin (Netherlands) uses it. Wear and Repair, a project from 2008, is a series of frames for glasses entirely made from duct tape. Glasses broken? It is fixed in no time, just take a role of duct tape and repair the glasses where necessary.
This can be done with the same colour or with different colour to show your skills.

silver duct tapesilver duct tape

Nowadays a lot of beautiful and exquisitely designed products are not made to be repaired. How the consumer will be able to fix the product is not included in the idea or design process.
The glasses in the Wear and Repair series by Rachel Griffin don’t focus on ways to conserve products but on taking repair into account from the start.

The tapestation in Platform21 = Repairing is stocked with duct tape in a rainbow of colours. Rachel Griffin's designs serve as inspiration for your own tape repairs.

To learn more about duct tape: