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on location:Amsterdam, Transformatorhuis

on location:Amsterdam, Transformatorhuis

Repair Clinics

at Amsterdam Sustainable

  • 6 June 09...6 June 09
    11 00...17 00 Transformatorhuis Westergasterrein, Klönneplein 2 1014 DD Amsterdam View on map Westergasterrein Klönneplein 2 1014 DD Amsterdam

Always wondered whether that old chair could still be repaired? If it is time to throw away your beloved but broken bread toaster or if it could be given a seconde life? And if the holes in your favourite jeans can still be mended?

During Amsterdam Sustainable Platform21 provides an answer to these questions with the help of a few specialised repairpersons. In a setting that resembles the TV show Antiques Roadshow, you can obtain advice on all sorts of repairs on broken possessions you bring from home. That repairing is still one of the options is often forgotton in our modern throwaway society.

How does it work?
Take things from your home that are in need of repair and that you would like to know more about and come to the Tranformatorhuis. We direct you to one of our repairpersons that can help you. Sometimes that means determining the reason of the defect, in which case you can make an appointment to repair the thing together at Platform21. Some things can be repaired on the spot. And if we don't have the knowledge how something could be mended, we can guide you to someone who can with the help of the information in our RepairHUB, a database for good repair addresses.

Our repairpersons are specialised in the following products:
Household electronics
Clothes - especially those made from wool
Dolls and toys
Leather and bags

The Repair Clinics are organised at Amsterdam Sustainable, a festival that shows which sustainable developments take place in Amsterdam, and focuses on what you can do yourself in order to pursue a sustainable lifestyle. With amongst others an organic foodmarket, a fashion swap fair organised by Ecofabulous Fashion and much more, Amsterdam Sustainable offers a lot of entertainment for the whole family at Saturday 6 June from 11:00 - 17:00 in and around the Transformaterhuis at the Westergasterrein in Amsterdam.