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Wool filler wins incentive prize

With her Wool Filler technique, Heleen Klopper has won the incentive prize of €5000,- in the running for DOEN | Materiaalprijs 2009 (DOEN | Materials Prize).

The jury report states: "Klopper's design is brilliant in its simplicity. Using the natural characteristics of wool - the scales tangle together - she created a Do It Yourself kit with which everyone can mend holes in their clothing, carpets, curtains or other textile products in a simple but original manner.
Repairing garments and other textile products is a sustainable activity, because jumpers, cardigans or carpets gain a longer life. You can see Wool Filler as a solution from Grandma's time but with new style. It is funny, decorative, effective and has an original result. Furthermore it is very entertaining to do: the members of the jury really enjoyed trying Wool Filler for themselves."

The award, jointly organised by the Materiaalfonds and Stichting DOEN, seeks to promote sustainable design and the innovative use of materials in the visual art and design disciplines.

The DOEN | Materiaalprijs 2009 challenged fine artists and designers to come up with sustainable design projects that combine innovative materials with stylishness, beauty and functionality.
High quality and cutting-edge materials, recycling and upcycling, sustainable design, ecodesign, cradle to cradle and biomimicry can all help to create a better environment.

The prize of €15.000,- went to Chris Kabel and his Seam Chair and Seam Bench. The fifteen best submissions are presented during Dutch Design Week 2009 from 17 to 25 October 2009 in Eindhoven and can be found on on