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past project:Amsterdam, Platform21

past project:Amsterdam, Platform21

Platform21 = Cooking & Constructing

10 February - 30 March 2008

  • 10 Feb 08...30 Mar 08
    Platform21 Prinses Irenestraat 19, 1077 WT Amsterdam View on map Prinses Irenestraat 19 1077 WT Amsterdam T +31203449444

Picture the kitchen as a laboratory for building, gluing, stamping and designing. Ever heard of potato plastic? Tomato deodorant? Or using a carrot as a flute? Platform21 = Cooking and Constructing invited public to discover new uses for edible ingredients together with various designers, artists and architects.

This temporary do-it-yourself cooking studio designed by Frank Visser (IJM) was open to create with the help of instructables – step-by-step directions in words and pictures.

With every Sunday a Sunday Soup, with workshops, lectures, presentations and films. Here you can see what we created together with the audience, with the designers who used the exhibition space as their studio and the instructables to use and go do it yourself!

Platform21 = Cooking and Constructing was part of the GNAM - gastronomia nell' arte moderna - festival.
GNAM is an international festival uniting gastronomy, art and creativity. It also took place in Parma, Italy earlier this year and will still go to Cahors, France later this year. In collaboration with Solares Fondazione delle Arti and ADC, EP (Association pour le Développement de la Création, Etudes et Projets).
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This project has received support from the European Union’s Culture Programme.

...30 Mar 2008