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Sweet Graffiti

Try it at home with this instructable.

Tags, throw ups and graffiti of all description don’t need the expert handling of spray cans anymore. Use sugar and sweets instead, and try grandma’s cake decorating technique to decorate the city. Not happy with your tag or anyone else’s? Break it off, eat it, and start again… Enrich your environment with sweet graffiti but watch those cavities in your teeth!

Happy tagging…

- 200/250 gr of icing sugar
- 1 teaspoon of lemon juice
- 1 egg white
- food colouring

- piping bags
- scissors
- greaseproof paper
- pencil

1. To make Royal Icing, mix all ingredients, except the food colouring, together and whisk for a minimum of 3 minutes.

step 2step 2

2. With a pencil, draw the design of your tag on a piece of greaseproof paper.

3. Fill one piping bag with royal icing. Fold the top corners to the middle so you yet a point and roll this down, so the icing moves to the lower tip of the bag. Cut the tip off with some scissors.

step 4step 4

4. Now start drawing the outline of your design with the royal icing. Make contact with the paper and pull the bag towards you, working in nice straight lines.

5. Repeat this until you outlined the whole design.

6. Now make the coloured (runnier) icing to fill your design with. Add small amounts of water or edible colouring to the royal icing. Check the consistency by cutting across the surface of the mix with a knife. You’ll have reached the right consistency if the fold comes together on the count of 10. If the fold comes together sooner, the mix is too thin and won’t set properly. If the fold comes together in more than 10 seconds, the mix is too thick and the surface will not be smooth enough.

step 7step 7

7. Put the coloured icing in a piping bag and start filling in the shapes of your design, moving along the inside of the white shape without leaving any seams. This is called Flood work. Make sure the thickness is consistent (around 3mm) throughout.

step 8step 8

8. When you have filled the entire design with different colours, you can add extra sweets and sugar fancies by pushing them into the icing.

9. Let this set for a minimum of 24 hours.

step 10step 10

10. Peel your design of the paper, spread some royal icing on the back and stick your tag to a wall. You have made Sweet Graffiti!