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Sunday Soup #1

Sunday Soup #1

Sweet Graffiti

Shane Waltener uses icing sugar, egg white, lemon juice and candy to create somewhat cute graffiti.

Having done several projects involving icing and glazing, Shane Waltener got the idea to create sweet tags and sweet graffiti on walls. In this way proving the communicative power of such old traditional crafting techniques. Although often related to vandalism and anarchism, in this manner graffiti becomes sweet and cute, its messages positive giving walls a 3-dimensional character.

Writing your name directly on the wall with sugar and sweets is definitely something else than spraying it with paint. Before giving the workshop at Platform21 Waltener took to the center of Amsterdam together with Amsterdam graffiti artists and KoolKoos to create some edible street art. Both of the guys used to spray cans and markers had to practice the icing techniques prior to taking it to the street. Starting of with covering existing graffiti tags with flowers and lovely messages, soon the sweetness of the sugar became just too much for these street artists. With a joint in their mouth and a brush dripping with sugar icing, their graffiti soon got a more anarchistic look: a sort of sweet activism.

Something visitors of ’Cooking and Constructing’ copied by leaving hundreds of beautiful edible messages on the walls of Platform21.
You can do it at home too with the instructable you find on this website.

You can see the results of the street session in the Mosterdpotsteeg, the alley next to sneaker hotspot Patta on the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal.
Read what Het Parool wrote about it here (in Dutch).