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The Repair HUB

Share a secret address

We usually jealously guard the phone numbers of skilled Mr and Ms Fix-Its who still know the tricks of their trades. The Repair HUB, by contrast, requires to share hard information like names and addresses as well as positive personal experiences.
The Repair HUB is a database of information on these repairpersons and will grow into an on-site and online map of the extensive repair knowledge still available around us today.
Please share your secret knowledge on good repair addresses in the Netherlands and abroad.

The Repair HUB is an on-site and online database. When you visit Platform21 you can fill out an address card and file it in the HUB. We will publish your repair tips online as well, at the right side of this page.

You can also contribute your repair recommendations by sending us an e-mail. Within a few days, your favourite addresses will be featured on our website and in the on-site Repair HUB.
Please send the following information to

Name of repairperson or repairshop:

He or she repairs:

Address, phone number, website:

Good repair address, because:

Your name:

If your favourite repairperson is already part of our database, but you would like to add a comment or a positive experience, please send an email as well.

Looking for a repairperson with a special skill, but can't find him or her in the HUB? When you send us an email, we will get the word out!

  • Amsterdam

    De Tijdmeester

    For watches and clocks

    Name of repairperson: Joop Gerritsma

  • Forrest Hills, Queens

    Marty's Camera Repair

    For digital cameras

    Name Repairperson: Marty

  • Amsterdam

    Bagage 93

    For bags and leather goods

    Name repairperson: Mariëlle

  • Amsterdam

    Sergio Dávila

    For all sorts of plastics

    Name repairperson: Sergio Dávila

  • Amsterdam


    For bikes

    Name repairperson: tornado

  • Amsterdam

    Henk ten Cate

    For espresso machines

    Name repairperson: Henk ten Cate

  • New York

    Flat Rate Carpet

    For carpet and rugs

    Kool-Aid, red wine, whatever you've managed to get on your carpet - these guys can get it…

  • Eemnes

    Engine Repairs

    For anything with an engine

    Name repairperson: Ronald

  • Haarlem


    For ceramics

    Name repairperson: unknown

  • Amsterdam

    Jong Meesterschoen

    For shoes

    Name Repairperson: unknown

  • Austin

    Greater Austin Garbage Art

    For clothing, jewelry, furniture and non-electronic items

    Name Repairperson: Lisa Stevens

  • Amsterdam

    Wouters Naaimachines

    From sewing machines to special punch machines

    Name repairperson: Unknown

  • Amsterdam

    Mender of dolls E. Kramer

    For dolls and cuddly toys

    Name repairpersons: Klaas and Daan Kramer

  • Enschede

    Huckriede Lederwaren

    For umbrellas

    Name repairperson: Roger Hänschen

  • Amsterdam


    For sewing machines

    Name repairperson: Unknown

  • Amsterdam

    Grindery Wil Werkhoven

    For knives, scissors, lawn mowers and other sharp objects

    Name repairperson: Wil Werkhoven

  • Amsterdam

    De Hoeden Madame

    For hats

    Name repairperson: Tanya van Breda

  • Amsterdam

    Fern's Guitars

    For guitars

    Name repairperson: Ferdinand van den Berg

  • Amsterdam

    De meetlat

    For clothes

    Name repairperson: unknown

  • Amsterdam

    Poema Jones

    For zippers

    Name repairperson: Poema Jones

  • Amsterdam


    For bikes

    Name repairperson: Siebe Kunst

  • Amsterdam

    Brat & Romeny

    For antique and wooden furniture

    Name repairpersons: Robbert-Jan Brat & Regi Romeny

  • Amsterdam

    Wouters Naaimachines

    From sewing machines to special punch machines

    Name repairperson: Unknown