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Marty's Camera Repair

For digital cameras

Name Repairperson: Marty

Good repair address because:

At the top repair places in Manhattan, a new digital-camera lens can run $100 to $200. But the same well-executed lens swap runs around $80 at this small, repair-anything shop in Queens.
Average repair: $80

Repair tip from: New York Magazine

Also recommended by:

Food blogger Brownie:
A couple of weeks ago I dropped my camera in Grand Central. The impact screwed up the lens so it wouldn't retract and as a result the camera wouldn't turn on. Oh noes! I know from friends that digital cameras can be very difficult and very costly to repair. Often times it costs less to replace the camera than to fix the broken one. I love my camera. We've been through a lot together. Thousands of pictures. Hundreds of food adventures. I couldn't give up my friend without a fight, so I took my search to the internet to find the best place for the job. This is how I stumbled upon Marty's Camera Repair. He replaced the lens and also solved a problem in the circuitry of the USB connection for free!

Contact information / hard facts
7125 Austin Street
Ste. 203
NY 11375 Forrest Hills, Queens
United States
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Phone +17187934666