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One Day Bags

Just before we throw it in the rubbish bin an industrial object is at its most characteristic. It's scratched, torn, crumbled, handicapped in all sorts of ways. While we, the user, strive to confirm individuality through the products we use, we don't allow our products the same. They must always shine, and seem brand new.

To emphasize her special interest in the stories that everyday objects tell us about use, relations, habits and mishaps Siba Sahabi repairs cheap white plastic bags. The kind you get at the local green grocer. They're only meant to last a few hours, one day at the most. Sahabi repairs and adds illustrations from their short lives.

"What interests me most are small intimate situations in daily life, just because they are so ordinary. The point of my repairs is not to make a two day bag from a one day bag. My question is if there is still a space for these handicapped objects and their stories."