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New collection by ...and beyond!

Brigitte Hendriks and Jolanda van den Broek together form ...and beyond, an Amsterdam-based fashion label. Currently their studio is in Amsterdam's red light district as part of the Red Light Fashion project. Their latest collection was, just as their previous ones, not showed on the catwalk during a fashion show. Instead it was part of the exhibition Platform21 = Checking Reality from 12 June on.

...and beyond has showed work at Platform21 once before. At that time it were several pieces from their graduation collection at the Rietveld Academy, amongst which was a life-size mounted horse wearing a knitted bodysuit.
They have succeeded in creating surprising collections ever since with their autonomous, conceptual and fashionable statements. A fashion label with a theatrical point of view.
So it is highly likable that after seeing one of their shows you feel as if you're part of a movie or have crashed the wrong party.

This show still has to prove its spectacularity, that it will be a Reality Check is a fact.

For tickets for the 10th of June show, check the calender.