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Investigation on the murder of Willem van Oranje

Virtual forensic research

Crime scene investigation on a case 424 years old. On 10 July 1584 Willem van Oranje got shot in the Delft' Prinsenhof. After all those years, there is still no definitive answer who was his offender. Delftech has started a new investigation to finally solve this case and will share this with you at Club Real #1.

Delftech is specialized in creating three-dimensional reconstructions for forensic investigation. They regularly aid the Dutch police force, but also the FBI and Secret Service with their virtual reconstructions of a crime scene. The case they are currently working on is quite a unique one: the murder of Willem van Oranje on 10 July 1584. The case pointing out Balthasar G. as his offender still has unresolved questions. Why are the bullet holes in the wall so close to the ground? And what was the exact location of the staircase?