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evening of performance, film and sound:Amsterdam, Platform21

evening of performance, film and sound:Amsterdam, Platform21

Club Real #3

Friday 11 July

  • 11 July 08...11 July 08
    20 00...23 00 Platform21 Prinses Irenestraat 19, 1077 WT Amsterdam View on map Prinses Irenestraat 19 1077 WT Amsterdam T +31203449444

Meeting avatars, a Nike sneaker as a city, DIY 3D printing and music during this Club Real.

Sander Veenhof mixes the virtual world of Second Life with the real world: the streets of the city. Here he organises meetings between people and avatars. He shares his stories at Club Real #3 and presents new work.
Marc Owens designed a suit, which lets him be an avatar - in the real world! The avatar machine transforms its wearer into an avatar and changes his behaviour as well, as gaming behaviour is different from what usually is thought of as correct social behaviour. He gives insight into the weird situations he got involved in with a movie.
The film NikeTown2 premiers during Club Real #3. The sole of a Nike sneaker transforms into a city, back into a sole and back again to a city in an endless loop. NikeTown2 studies the turning point between different realities.
Sound artist Nathalie Bruys is the DJ of the evening and there is opportunity to make your own 3D prints with the 3D printer that will be added to the exhibition this evening.

Start: 20:00
Entrance: €5,-

11 July 2007...11 July 2008