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Artist inventors

All you need to know about Yuri Suzuki and Masa Kimura

About Yuri Suzuki
Yuri Suzuki (Tokyo, 1980) takes his inspiration from old and new experiences. Growing up in Tokyo, he watched a lot of television. He collected his childhood impressions from TV, videos and LPs, and this collection still serves as a valuable source of inspiration today.
He cites Herbie Hancock’s ‘Rockit’ video and Alexander Calder’s ‘Calder’s Circus' (which he first saw when he was just three years old) as his main influences. These works got him interested in kinetic mechanisms, electronic music and technological art.

Suzuki’s work poses questions about the relationship between people and sound, and how music and sound influence the human brain. Although infused with humor, wit and entertainment elements, Suzuki makes sure to add a hidden element of criticism on current society in both his products and objects.
His sonic art works have been exhibited around the world. He currently teaches in the Design Products Department at the Royal College of Art in London, where he also has his own studio.

For Platform21 = Jamming, Yuri Suzuki reaches back to an old source of inspiration: television and film. Inspired by films like Pee Wee’s Great Adventure, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Back to the Future and Flubber, he came up with the idea of the breakfast machine. Not only does such a machine always provide a story with a spectacular beginning, but Suzuki also sees breakfast as a symbol of a new beginning for Platform21.

He says his goal in his design work is for people to sympathize with it and to share in his experience. In jointly building the breakfast machine he might just succeed in achieving this!

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About Masa Kimura
Masa Kimura (Tokyo, 1981) graduated from Tama Art University in Tokyo, where he lives and works. He calls himself a ‘peace robot artist’: in his work he searches for peaceful ways of using robot technology.