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Platform21 = Jamming report

Platform21 = Jamming report

Let construction begin!

Day one - seven days left of building

Platform21 = Jamming has started with a bang.
At exactly 12 o’clock the first visitors walk in. Enthusiastically they let us know they are here to help build the breakfast machine.

Yuri Suzuki and Masa Kimura are in charge. They have written today’s tasks on a blackboard. The task for visitors: thinking up and making an egg machine. A contraption that will make the egg drop in a pan without the eggshell falling in as well. After a short brainstorm session a group of students of the HKU academy are off to work. They tape together a slide via which the egg lands in a funnel, which was still a desktop light just minutes ago.

They take all these materials from a big round table in the middle of the exhibition space. It is full of potential ingredients to the breakfast machine: bread toasters and egg timers, but also pulley blocks with ropes, drills and other power tools.

When they have finished another group of their fellow HKU students takes over. Because the construction is not finished yet; how will the egg end up in the slide? The solution is found in a radio-controlled car. By bumping it into the egg, the egg falls down the slide into the funnel, where it sheds its shell. Afterwards the egg white and yolk land on a hot plate. Voila, the omelette is taken care of.

Day oneDay one

Yuri and Masa are working hard as well. With an alarm clock, a record player and a big funnel they are working on the component that will produce the orange juice. The orange flies of track a few times, but after adding a part from a toy racecourse it ends up in the right spot.

If the hole machine will eventually work? That is the challenge. You can take fate into your own hands by coming and helping us out. We will be constructing the breakfast machine until 24 September. Take your kitchen appliances, creativity and inventive mentality along and leave your mark on the machine.

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