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Platform21 = Jamming report

Platform21 = Jamming report

Time for some coffee

Day five - three days of building left

How is it possible that we get so excited with a coffeepot that tilts and fills up a cup with nice hot coffee because you pull some lever at the other side of the room? To be honest a coffeepot is a well thought-out instrument that hardly needs any re-designing, especially not the sort of re-designing that makes the whole thing much more complicated. Yet we do, and as has been expressed before, we love it and so do most visitors.

Perhaps building a breakfast machine, precisely because it defeats all logic, brings us a step closer to a pure design process, where the result is less important then the way we get there. We almost finished that coffee machine today and realized that we haven't thought of creamy warm steamed milk to go with it. Thankfully we still have several days left to deal with this essential ingredient to a good breakfast. If you have any ideas on steam and milk, please don't hesitate to come help us out.

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