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Platform21 = Jamming report

Platform21 = Jamming report

Breakfast machines are a 1000 little problems!

Day three - five days of building left

Today we realise that building a breakfast machine is basically the sum of one thousands little problems that need to be fixed. If you look at them all at once, it seems impossible to solve them. If you study them one at the time, you realise it is not that bad at all. Therefore it is great to see so many makers from all makes of life wanting to help us find solutions.

Today Yuri and Masa, with help from students of the HKU created most of the egg frying machine. It works and the smells are great. The central motor, which has to supply the whole machine with power, is finished and functions (most of the time).

In the afternoon both Masa and Yuri give a small overview of some of the other work they do. Masa Kimura creates walking robots using old engineering techiques (Theo Jansen's * prove to be a source of inspiration) and Yuri has a passion for capturing sound in on-orthodox ways. He even re-invented vinyl for it.