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Platform21 = Jamming report

Platform21 = Jamming report

Trial and error

Day seven - one day of building left

Building a breakfast machine consists of lots of small victories and of just as much setbacks. Although today was about finishing touches and perfecting different bits, Yuri's bread toasting machine came crashing down this morning. Let's hope we can get it back to work before Friday.

Some familiar faces stopped by to help today: artist Toyoko Shimada (initiator of previous project Foodology), designer Cynthia Hathaway (curator of previous project Travels Through Paradise, participant in Hacking IKEA and co-writer of the Repair Manifesto), stylist Frank Visser (set designer of Platform21 = Cooking and Constructing) and Heleen Klopper (Platform21 = Repairing). There is nothing better than sharing breakfast with some friends!