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Platform21 = Jamming report

Platform21 = Jamming report

Timing is everything

Day six - two days left of building left

Today we developed a new function for the machine. How do you get the perfect amount of jam evenly spread on a slice of bread? After much drawing and pondering over difficult mathematical theories designers Aya Comorri (JP) and Lisette Haasnoot decided it was better to just give it a try. In practice it turned out to be as easy as it seemed difficult. The tools: a rope, a small container for paint, a paper plate and foam rollers. By means of a small motor the plate holding a slice of bread rolled into the paint container. Here it gets smeared with an even amount of jelly by the foam rollers. Afterwards the plate rolls along to other parts of the machine to complete breakfast.

Masa Kimura’s day is taken up by arraging the timing of the machine, in order for the coffee to be poored in the coffee cup and not over the bread, something that did happen in the movie Bach to the Future. At the end of the day Masa does some tests and it all seems to work. The last two days will probably revolve around the finishing touches.
Yuri Suzuki and designer Cluadio Bracco have worked together on the component with the bread toaster. The slide is almost finished.

Finally two visitors thought up a smart system for the rails to the bell (which rings when breakfast is being served). They attached a missing piece using cardboard and helium balloons.

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