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past project

Platform21 = Cooking and Constructing

Turning edibles in constructables

Picture the kitchen as a laboratory for building, gluing, stamping and designing. Ever heard of potato plastic? Tomato deodorant? Or using a carrot as a flute? Platform21 = Cooking and Constructing invited public to discover new uses for edible ingredients together with various designers, artists and architects.

This temporary do-it-yourself cooking studio designed by Frank Visser (IJM) was open to create with the help of instructables – step-by-step directions in words and pictures.

With every Sunday a Sunday Soup, with workshops, lectures, presentations and films. Here you can see what we created together with the audience, with the designers who used the exhibition space as their studio and the instructables to use and go do it yourself!

Platform21 = Cooking and Constructing was part of the GNAM - gastronomia nell' arte moderna - festival.
GNAM is an international festival uniting gastronomy, art and creativity. It also took place in Parma, Italy earlier this year and will still go to Cahors, France later this year. In collaboration with Solares Fondazione delle Arti and ADC, EP (Association pour le Développement de la Création, Etudes et Projets).
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This project has received support from the European Union’s Culture Programme.

Platform21 = Cooking and Constructing took place from 10 February - 30 March 2008.

  • past project:Amsterdam, Platform21

    Platform21 = Cooking & Constructing

    10 February - 30 March 2008

    Picture the kitchen as a laboratory for building, gluing, stamping and designing. Ever heard of ...

  • Sunday Soup #1

    Sweet Graffiti

    Shane Waltener uses icing sugar, egg white, lemon juice and candy to create somewhat cute graffiti.

    Having done several projects involving icing and glazing, Shane Waltener got the idea to create sweet tags and sweet graffiti on…

  • research + Sunday Soup #2


    Daniera ter Haar and Christoph Brach research the power of ink from vegetables and fruit.

    Daniera ter Haar and Christoph Brach together created 100%SAP, a project about the power of natural color. Vegetables are…

  • report Sunday Soup #3

    The strenght of spaghetti

    In a workshop building spaghetti bridges and towers, we tested the strength of spaghetti with civil engineer ánd national champion…

  • Sunday Soup #5

    Food or Fuel

    Use grain and corn for food or for fuel?

    Presentations on a fuel station for car and mind, art with a conscience, lemon batteries and a VJ performance reporting live on all this.

  • Sunday Soup #7

    De toekomst van kweekvlees

    Gaan we vlees uit een reageerbuis eten?

    Kweekvlees, oftewel vlees uit een kweekbakje, bestaat uit dierlijke cellen die zijn gekweekt zonder dat daar enig dierenleed bij…

  • link

    Food, food culture, food as culture and the culture that grows our food

  • architectural research

    The New Market

    Ingredients: innocent tourists and experienced gluttons, pale potatoes and fresh coriander, tame pigeons and live squid, raunchy…

  • festival

    Cooking and Constructing is part of the GNAM - Gastronomy in Modern Art - festival

  • instructable

    Sweet Graffiti

    Try it at home with this instructable.

    Tags, throw ups and graffiti of all description don’t need the expert handling of spray cans anymore. Use sugar and sweets…

  • article

    The Kitchen as a Laboratory

    To cook is to turn over in the mind. To chew is to evaluate. To digest is to make your own.

  • Sunday Soup #4

    Experimental potatoe stamps and the sound of a carrot

    The table is a meeting place. Students of the TXT Department at the Rietveld Academy used big table cloths in order to communicate…

  • Sunday Soup #6

    Architecture, landscape and food

    What effect do your eating habits have on your environment?

    Jan Jongert of 2012architects lectured on a new type of architecture, which could develop when farming land and urban landscape…

  • instructable

    Seitan innovation

    Ingredients: Gluten flour, peanut oil, juniper berries, ginger...

    Debra Solomon, culinairy blogger, food reseacher and concept creator of 'eateries', gave a seitan design workshop during the debate…

  • instructable

    Supercharged lemon

    Ingredients: lemons, copper, wire, zinc and copper plate

    Konstantin Leonenko calls himself a random things builder. He made Platform21 into his laboratory and adjusted the lemon battery to…