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past project

Platform21 = Jamming

Building a real breakfast machine

16 September - 26 September 2009

Hollywood directors dreamed of it: the breakfast machine. Imagine a contraption that sets a chain reaction in motion at the push of a button, frying eggs, juicing oranges, brewing coffee, making toast, and serving it all on a plate with jam, meat and cheese. What a perfect way to start the day!
This fantasy became reality during Platform21 = Jamming, when Japanese designers Yuri Suzuki and Masa Kimura built a machine just like this at Platform21 with help from fellow designers and the public.

Platform21 = Jamming was Platform21’s final project, and so we threw everything into the mix. Yuri Suzuki and Masa Kimura reused the remnants of previous Platform21 projects in their breakfast machine, from remote-controlled toy cars to hacked IKEA lamps. They got help from other designers who’ve taken part in past Platform21 projects, and many vistors lended a helping hand too!

So whether you’re a Gyro Gearloose or all thumbs didn't matter. The building consisted of a hefty dose of improvisation and a great deal of testing. Every day the machine took on a new function and the breakfast gained a new component. By the end, Platform21 changed into a restaurant serving all-day breakfasts!

16–24 September: Help build the breakfast machine!
25–26 September: Platform21 serves all-day breakfast. (Bring money!)

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Platform21 = Jamming took place from 16 - 26 September 2009.

  • press

    Early risers worldwide love the breakfast machine

    It doesn’t matter whether your first meal of the day consists of toast with jam, sausage and beans or fried rice wrapped in banana…

  • Platform21 = Jamming report

    Breakfast is served!

    Day nine - Platform21 Breakfast Restaurant

    You can see how in this film made by BRIGHT. Florine Kerkmeer joined us for a breakfast like in movies.

  • Platform21 = Jamming report

    No Tricks

    Day eight - the final day of building

    We’re projecting scenes from famous Hollywood films featuring breakfast machines in the round hall. Flubber, Pee-Wee’s Big…

  • Platform21 = Jamming report

    Timing is everything

    Day six - two days left of building left

    Today we developed a new function for the machine. How do you get the perfect amount of jam evenly spread on a slice of bread? After…

  • Platform21 = Jamming report

    Are we nerds?

    Day four - four days of building left

    It is interesting to see how breakfast machines are used to identify characters in Hollywood movies. In movies like Flubber, Pee-Wee…

  • Platform21 = Jamming report

    Serious business

    Day two - six days of building left

    Though yesterday things revolved around experimenting, today the atmosphere is more serious. There is lots going on: drilling holes,…

  • inspiration

    Just like the movies....

    These films inspired Yuri Suzuki to build a breakfast machine!

  • Platform21 = Jamming report

    An A+ for Platform21's breakfast restaurant

    Day ten - Platform21 Breakfast Restaurant

    Breakfast customers at Platform21 are happy customers. Never before were we this thankful for a simple piece of toast with some jam,…

  • link

    Automatic breakfast is a piece of cake ehh... toast

    A video report by newspaper Het Parool.

  • Platform21 = Jamming report

    Trial and error

    Day seven - one day of building left

    Building a breakfast machine consists of lots of small victories and of just as much setbacks. Although today was about finishing…

  • Platform21 = Jamming report

    Time for some coffee

    Day five - three days of building left

    How is it possible that we get so excited with a coffeepot that tilts and fills up a cup with nice hot coffee because you pull some…

  • Platform21 = Jamming report

    Breakfast machines are a 1000 little problems!

    Day three - five days of building left

    Today we realise that building a breakfast machine is basically the sum of one thousands little problems that need to be fixed. If…

  • Platform21 = Jamming report

    Let construction begin!

    Day one - seven days left of building

    Platform21 = Jamming has started with a bang. At exactly 12 o’clock the first visitors walk in. Enthusiastically they let us…

  • bio

    Artist inventors

    All you need to know about Yuri Suzuki and Masa Kimura

    About Yuri Suzuki Yuri Suzuki (Tokyo, 1980) takes his inspiration from old and new experiences. Growing up in Tokyo, he watched a…