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Platform21 = Jamming report

Platform21 = Jamming report

An A+ for Platform21's breakfast restaurant

Day ten - Platform21 Breakfast Restaurant

Breakfast customers at Platform21 are happy customers. Never before were we this thankful for a simple piece of toast with some jam, an omelette and black coffee.

In our breakfast restaurant it is not so much about the end result, but all about the process. Why we make it so difficult for ourselves? Why we want everything to work automatically instead of breaking an egg on the side of a pan ourselves? Evidently there is a little inventor inside all of us, who gets really enthusiastic about a breakfast ‘without hands’, where rolling balls and a big ‘motor’ in the middle keep the whole thing going. It is also going back to basics. What if you should have invented the coffee machine yourself, how would you have done it?

If it then proves to work, it doesn’t matter that there aren’t any creamy cappuccinos, freshly squeezed orange juice nor the smell of just baked croissants. In two days we contently eat our way through hundreds of slices of white bread.