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past project

Platform21 = Checking Reality

A real show about the virtual

Envision the world as a computer game in which your clothes are 3D projections and the GPS system tells you the position of an object. Imagine yourself as an avatar, flying through future cities and simulated landscapes. Now picture this virtual world in the real world. What will it look like then?

Platform21 = Checking Reality invited to explore this world in the real world. With the art works in the Beatrixpark, films on the CASZuidas video screen, the latest experiments at Platform21, workshops, presentations and performances during Club Real evenings the programme offered a big variety.

Our use of digital media heavily influences the way we experience, test and create reality. Virtual alternatives are often so convincing that they not only augment reality but seem to replace it. It’s as if ‘virtual seeing is believing’.

Artists, architects and designers are increasingly taking inspiration from the many new virtual possibilities. Some of them were asked to create new work for the Beatrixpark, adjacent to Platform21, others presented themselves during the club evenings.
Platform21 = Checking Reality was an exploration into the possibilities and results of the encounter between first and second reality. A laboratory where the reality of virtuality was tested.

In cooperation with Artvark (Tom Jaspers), Harry Kraaij from the Virtual Museum Zuidas and Zuideramstel district council.

Platform21 = Checking Reality was made possible in part by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds / the Ahrend Fonds, the VSBfonds, the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts; and ING.

Platform21 = Checking Reality took place from 18 May - 27 August 2008.

  • do it yourself

    3D Printing

    A 3D printer enables you to three-dimensionally print every design with just one click on the button. Whereas now this machine is…

  • artist

    PIPS:lab (photography by Szilvia Tóth)


    Who has seen all of his or her own head? Each of us knows our own head mainly from one perspective: straight on. Our face. The…

  • artist

    Jeremy Wood

    GPS drawing in the Beatrixpark

    Friday 6 June Jeremy Wood gave a workshop GPS Drawing in the Beatrixpark, next to Platform21. Wood left the GPS receivers for the…

  • artist

    Benoît Goupy

    Between the Lines

    You are staring into the water. Suddenly, the water wells up and the word “murmur” appears. Did you see what you thought you saw?

  • installation + lecture

    Hybrid Space Lab

    CITY_KIT: An online DIY kit for your neighbourhood

    Playing Hybrid Space Lab’s game CITY_KIT, you adapt a digital version of your local surroundings according to your desires. In a…

  • to do:


    Draw the future

    Create your own architectural visions of the future with Doodlearth, a simple yet sophisticated tool for creating metres-long views…

  • project

    Sleepless nights in the Beatrixpark

    Share your memories

    During Platoform21 = Checking Reality it is possible to give memories, observations and remarks connected to the nearby Beatrix park…

  • movies

    Virtual reality in fashion

    Walter van Beirendonck, Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan

    Fashion designers use virtual reality and digital technology, not only in their clothing, but also in the way they present them on…

  • film studio


    More than a glimpse of the future

    The films produced by Squint/Opera are so beautifully convincing, you sometimes wonder if the future might not be a bit…

  • special effects


    by Dajo Bodisco

    A poster in an illuminated frame: a clear image and readable text. Then the colour of the light changes. All of a sudden the design…

  • link

    NOS Headlines made a GPS Drawing at Platform21

    Watch the movie here.

  • research: virtual reality


    ...why not go the whole way?

  • DJ

    WiiJ Timski

    DJ without decks

    WiiJ Timski doesn’t have to stand still at the decks. Holding two Wii Remotes, he stands on stage, wireless, waving his arms and…

  • report on the fashion show of ...and beyond

    Read it here

  • artist

    Suguru Goto

    Augmented Body and Virtual Body

    In his performances, the composer, performer, inventor and multimedia artist Suguru Goto links the real world to the artificial…

  • VJ

    VJ Hummer aka Nils Mühlenbruch

    Live avatar drawing - performances

    What does the virtual you look like? Do you have an avatar of yourself? Audiovisual artist and VJ Nils Mühlenbruch made virtual…

  • artist

    Marc Owens

    Avatar Machine

    What would it be like if your virtual character stepped out of the game and started walking around in the real world? Marc Owens, a…

  • Puzzle track for kids:Amsterdam, Platform21

    Muziekfestival Beatrixpark

    Special Platform21 puzzle track for kids.

    This Sunday: Listen to live Latin music, take a picnic and have the kids Checking Reality with a ...

  • reconstruction

    Investigation on the murder of Willem van Oranje

    Virtual forensic research

    Crime scene investigation on a case 424 years old. On 10 July 1584 Willem van Oranje got shot in the Delft' Prinsenhof. After all…

  • evening of performance, film and sound:Amsterdam, Platform21

    Club Real #3

    Friday 11 July

    Meeting avatars, a Nike sneaker as a city, DIY 3D printing and music during this Club Real.

  • programme

    CASZuidas time schedule

  • fashion


    New collection by ...and beyond!

    Brigitte Hendriks and Jolanda van den Broek together form ...and beyond, an Amsterdam-based fashion label. Currently their studio is…

  • artist

    Simon Heijdens


    Living digital weeds of designer Simon Heijdens were growing in Platform21 as part of Checking Reality. These fake plants reveal…

  • research + participation:Amsterdam, Platform21

    3D Scanning

    Beam yourself into the virtual world at Platform21

    Scan yourself in 3D at Platform21!

  • designer

    Gijs Bakker


    Copy/paste, delete, zoom, print: these actions are part of using a computer, but we might not be so quick to associate them with the…

  • report

    Hacking Reality by Scott Burnham

    On how influences from the virtual world manifest themselves on the street.

    Here you read what writer and curator Scott Burnham presented during Club Real #2: his own take on the theme ‘Checking Reality’…

  • artist

    Esther Tielemans

    Two enormous billboards: one big painted landscape, one glossy monochrome, the park and yourself in between. Different worlds meet,…

  • artist

    Popel Coumou

    Fly Over

    Popel Coumou photographed empty offices in Amsterdam’s Zuidas district. All there is to see is the walls, the windows, the light…

  • artist

    Nathalie Bruys

    Sound artist Nathalie Bruys will DJ at Club Real #3.

    Earthly Whispers: an underground sound piece made up of barely traceable, hidden sounds that are close to reality but don’t seem…

  • report

    Club Real #1

    What about LARP at Sonsbeek2008?

    23 May 2008: At this first Club Real evening, artist Brody Condon and game designer Bjarke Pederson gave a preview on the big LARP…

  • academy

    AR+RFID Lab

    Augmented Reality

    The Augmented Reality (AR) headset allows us to see virtual images within our own view of the world. The headset is optically…

  • workshop:Amsterdam, Platform21

    GPS drawing

    Thursday 5 and Friday 6 June

    A walk through the Beatrixpark will never again be a regular walk when you know you are actually ...

  • gaming + role-play

    Win a war, answer the phone, talk to your roommates

    "Gamers are no unwordly people with autism". David Nieborg interviewed game specialist Marinka Copier about her…

  • for sale:

    Books at Platform21

    Are you interested in the theme of Checking Reality and would like to know more? Together with Nijhof & Lee Booksellers we made…

  • artist

    Tarik Sadouma

    Nike Town 2

    A sneaker changes into a city, which transforms back into a sneaker and back again into a city in an endless loop.

  • artist

    Esther Polak

    GPS and Public Space

    We all have our routes to work, the supermarket or school. The outside world sees only parts of these routes; they exist in their…

  • artist

    Brody Condon

    Live-Action Role Playing at Club Real#1

    Brody Condon repurposes existing games and game structures to create sculpture, performance, and video installations. His LARP…

  • artist

    Sander Veenhof

    Dating for avatars

    Looking for a date but are you more into a tough warrior type from World of Warcraft than a slick Second Life kind of guy? Sander…

  • research + participation:Amsterdam, Platform21

    3D Scanning

    Beam yourself into the virtual world at Platform21

    Scan yourself in 3D at Platform21!

  • evening on art and science:Amsterdam, Platform21

    Club Real #1

    Friday 23 May

    Check the Nordic LARP subculture with Brody Condon and Bjarke Pederson and have your avatar ...

  • evening of presentations and DIY:Amsterdam, Platform21

    Club Real #2

    Friday 6 June

    What do Hacking Reality, Doodlearth, GPS Drawing and WiiJ-ing have in common? Come to the club ...

  • future scenario's, music and talks:Amsterdam, Platform21

    Club Real #4

    Wednesday 27 August - 20:00

    How virtual is our future? At this last Club Real evening five personal visions on the reality ...

  • link

    Interactivos? Better than the real thing

    Is your attention for interactive installations triggered after seeing the Lightweeds of Simon Heijdens at Platform21? Then check…

  • fashion show:Amsterdam, Platform21


    Tuesday 10 June

    Check the new collection of Amsterdam fashion label ...and beyond and witness a special event.